Soup du Jour 3.

Scampi 12.
Sauteed shrimp cooked in clarified butter, lemon juice, garlic and white wine.

Escargot 8.
Imported snails baked in a ramekin with garlic walnut-butter.

Mushroom Wellington 8.
An assortment of wild and domestic mushrooms reduced in cream with a touch of sherry, wrapped in phyllo and served with a rosemary-chevre sauce.


Sea Scallops 12.
Seared, mushroom-dusted with a vanilla-Reisling butter sauce.

Bleu Cheesecake 9.
Gorganzola cheesecake with port reduction, fresh fruit and crackers.

Crab Cakes 13.
Maryland-style with a saffron aioli.




Caesar 5.
Tableside for two* 16.
Our house Caesar dressing made with Parmesan Grana, croutons, anchovies and traditional two-minute coddled egg, all tossed with fresh torn Romaine lettuce.

Chicken Caesar 13.
A dinner Caesar salad topped with a char grilled Amish chicken breast.


Spinach 5.
Spinach, radicchio, endive, Gorganzola, and walnuts tossed with a sherry-cherry vinagrette.

Garden 3.
A mixture of baby and bitter greens tossed with your choice of dressing.



Beef Tenderloin* 29.
Choice beef, char grilled to temperature, with sauce bordelaise.
Temperatures over medium will be butterflied.

Duck en Croute 13.
Amish duckling pate with brandied Traverse City Tart Cherries baked in puff pastry, and sauced with a rich Gorganzola cream.

Wild Mushroom Mornay 16.
Chicken tenders sauteed with mixtue of wild and domestic mushrooms in a cream sauce with Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses tossed with garlic and herb linguine.

Amish Chicken 17.
Citrus marinated and sauteed with a fennel-mustard butter and wilted radicchio.

Fox Burger* 10.
1/2 lb of Black Angus beef char grilled to temperature topped with bacon, mushrooms and Gruyere cheese.

Hungarian Tips of Beef 17.
Tenderloin tips sauteed with a sun-dried tomato salsa, spicy Hungarian paprika, mushrooms in a beef demi-glace and tossed with herb pappardelle.


Lamb Chops 24.
Broiled to temperature and served with a black pepper and Traverse City Tart Cherry demi-glace.

Red Snapper Veracruz 23.
Braised wild caught red snapper with onions, tomatoes and shrimp.

Salmon* 21.
Wild caught coho. Pecon dukkah encrusted, a pecan, seed and spice mixture, dizzled with a roasted red bell pepper puree.

Lobster Tails Sgl/Dbl 39./73.
Broiled, deep, cold water 8oz-10oz New Zealand tails. Steak and tail 63.

Lobster Ravioli 16.
In saffron pasta and tossed with a champagne cream sauce.

Fresh Catch Market Price
Chef’s special selection.

House Specialties

Beef Wellington* 30.
Beef tenderloin, duck liver pate, and mushroom duxelle, wrapped in puff pastry with sauce bordelaise.
Please, no temperatures over medium.

Roasted Duckling 19.
Slow-roasted until tender, with a pear-honey sauce. Served with bread pudding.


Eggplant Parmesan 15.
Encrusted in Japanese bread crumbs, sauced with marinara and topped with provolone cheese. Served over garlic and herb linguine.

Hazelnut Whitefish 18.
Lake Superior whitefish sauteed in a roasted hazelnut flour and sauced with beurre blanc.