About Lord Fox


Captain Dix rode into this area from Massachusetts in 1824 and decided that the sandy loam-flowing creek, and abundant timber made it a perfect spot to settle. He purchased 470 acres for $586.00 and began the village of Dixboro.

On this site, in 1880, Frank Bush built his family home on Plymouth Road, which for many years to come was the main route between Ann Arbor and Detroit. An old hand pump, visible just outside the south windows at the east end of the dining room, tapped the purest and most abundant water supply in the area and was used by the early Dixboro settlers whose own wells ran dry.

Weary travelers who braved the trail were generously offered food and drink by Mrs. Cramer who, in the early 1900's had purchased the building. The reputation grew and in the 1920's Mrs. Cramer remodeled and began the Farm Cupboard Restaurant. The fare was simple and hearty with everything fresh and served family style. Some say that it was more than a restaurant in those days, operating also as a blind pig before the repeal of prohibition. Many a poker game was held in the basement room now the "Fox's Den." In those early years, Henry Ford and union buster Harry Bennett were known to ride their horses to the Farm Cupboard for Sunday dinner.

The Coppa family purchased the building in 1960 and has maintained the family business until June 1996. Also originating in Massachusetts, the family established the Lord Fox Restaurant. Betty Stremich became a business partner in 1984, at this time outside decks and a wine cellar were added.

In July 1996 the restaurant was purchased by Louis and Sophie Kolodzinski, both delighted to be a part of the continuing Lord Fox Story. Joining them in the business is their son Erik. With a combined heritage of over 100 years in food service, we restate our commitment to provide you with the finest and freshest foods, fine wines, and gracious service. We welcome you to the Lord Fox and invite you to share the joys and goodness of life.