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I named the business in honor of my parents Bonaventura and Rosalia Maviglia who moved to the states from Sicily in 1909. In the 1950’s, with not much more than a desire to raise a family and serve the public, they opened a restaurant in Detroit.

They inspired me to open my own restaurant combining their delicious recipes with my love of cooking. Their Southern Italian influences can be detected in all of my wholesome recipes.

Being a family business there was always a lot of help from family and friends, however owning a restaurant is essentially a 24/7 job. By the late 90’s, we made the decision to close the doors so we could focus more on family life and less on the stress of the business.

In 2008, with the recession in full force and the grandkids getting older, my daughter and I decided it was time to get back to business. We knew we didn’t want to have to live here, so we made the decision to re-open in the capacity of a catering facility. Our motto is ‘be our guest and spare yourself the mess’ because we can provide the comforts of home, along with great food and service and you never have to lift a finger.

We operate our banquet facility in the same 19th century brick house where we ran the restaurant. With seating for 30 guests on the lower level of our facility, 40 upstairs, and 35 in our seasonal garden area it is the perfect place to host a variety of events including birthdays, anniversaries, showers, funeral luncheons, corporate meetings, and more.

In addition to offering catering services at our facility, we are also manufacturing my parents’ original dressing and sauce recipes for retail sale. In June of 09 we got the ok to begin bottling our House Dressing, which can now be found at over 17 stores throughout southeast Michigan!

On any given day, you can find us in the kitchen bottling up our original products for sale at a variety of stores and farmers’ markets. We are so thankful to all of our customers and feel blessed to have been able to realize this dream of ours.

We feel it is truly fitting that our old-world recipes are prepared and bottled in such an historic location and that it lends to the charm of our family run business. We are certain that you will feel the same way.


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Bonaventura and Rosalia
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