New Hope Center is very blessed to have a growing list of donors. Our intention is to list all of our donors on this webpage. Please inform us if you know of any donor that we have omitted. Also, many people make contributions in memory of someone or for a special occasion or holiday. If we have omitted any of this information, please tell us so we can make the correction.


Sustaining Members

People that make monthly contributions of $25 or more through electronic fund transfers or credit card pledges are considered to be Sustaining Members. This provides a valuable steady stream of predictable income.


Gold Sustaining Donors - $100 or more per month

John & Betty Baird

Gary Brown


Silver Sustaining Donors - $50 or more per month

Paul & Cathy Clough

John & Ruth Holmstrom


Bronze Sustaining Donors - $25 or more per month

Jan Carlton

Helen Davis

Pat Dunbeck

Sandy Prebenda

Carol and Mac Richardson

Nancy Stoner

Patricia Sullivan


Maintaining Members

People that support New Hope by contributing $300 or more in the current calendar year. These contributions add up through the year to provide significant financial support.

Jane Anderson

Howard & Edna Behrman

Susan & Greg Brown

Jay & Kathleen Harrison

Estate of Irene Ladwig

Mary McLeod

Scott & Shannon Peterson


In-Kind Donations

Donations of items or services provide tremendous support to our efforts. We have received everything from printing of our newsletter, to office equipment and supplies, to items for our silent auction, to food and supplies for our kids groups. We receive in-kind donations from individuals and from companies.


Helen Armstrong

Cynthia Ayers

BC & Company

John and Betty Baird

Phil Bocketti

Bill and Joni Bosse

Steve and Sandra Bowers

Sue Brda

Richard Cebulak

Paul Clough

Trish Connell

Joann Derwa

Harry Dunn

Evelyn Evon

Dottie Frazzini

Sandy Gaggi

Karen and Bryan Jinnett

Dan Krause

Arlene Kurzawa

Marcia Lee

Janice and Gary May

Carol Murphy

Patricia Radzik

Dan Ripper

Karen Schnell-Goldberg

Cheryl Schooley

Sites & Sounds

Joe Taylor

Joan Ellen Wolfgang

Teri Wowk

Mark Yaquinto


United Way Donors

People who donate $25 or more monthly by designating New Hope Center as the recipient of their United Way Contribution. This provides another solid source of cash income.

Bryan & Karen Jinnett


Contributors to Hope

People who donate $25 or more. This group includes one time donations, repeat donations, and annual donations. Many of these donations are memorials, or for a holiday or special occasion.

Maureen Acri-Mcdonald

AMGEN Foundation

Jane Anderson

Julie and Martin Ankrum, Marriage of Carol and Mac Richardson

Helen Armstrong

Gary and Suzanne Arnold, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Cynthia Ayers

Stanley Ayre

John and Betty Baird

Dr. David and Lisa Baird

Matthew Baird

Janice Baldwin

Gertrude Barnum

Bradley Behrman

Howard and Edna Behrman, In memory of John Behrman

Mary Belloli

Karen Bishop

Karen Boies

Claudette Bourseleth

Teresa Bowers

David and Shannon Boyd

Sue Brda, In memory of Gary Brda

Bernadette Brennen

John Bros, In memory of Mary Ann Bros

Judith Brosnan

Gregory and Susan Brown

Doris Brownell

Debra Cairo-Cough

Dr. and Mrs. Callop

Jan Carlton, In memory of Philip and Ethel Ogilvie

Thomas and Ann Carr

Elaine Cash

Dave Cassar

Richard Cebulak

Mary Lynn Chalifoux

Carol Chapman, In memory of David J. Chapman

Teresa Chase

Laura Chase

Cathy and Paul Clough

Marilyn Colandrea

Community Tile Services, Inc.

Trish Connell, In memory of Dan Connell

Hazel Coon, In memory of Stan Coon

Jean Cooper

Vicki Cooper

Geraldine Cornwell, In memory of Bob Cornwell

Florence Cunningham

Judith Darlington

Nadia Davenport, In memory of Jim Davenport

Helen Davis

William Deighton, In memory of Brian Deighton

Dorothy Deprez, In memory of John J. Deprez

Dr. David Dieterle

Janet Dombrowski

Barbara Domen

Dr. Linda Dubay

Amy Eaton

Phyllis Ellsworth

Evelyn Evon, In memory of John Evon

Marilyn and Roy Ferguson, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Milton Fetner

Marilyn Fisher, In memory of Frank J. Fisher

Linda Foraker

Pamela Fowler

Janet Genson

Mary and Warren Gilbert, In memory of Timothy Mills

Martha and Stan Gilchrist

Margaret Gill

Donna Grater, In memory of Charles J. Little and Betty Hirschleib

Thomas Graybill

Linda Grey, In memory of Robert Grey

Bob and Valerie Griffith, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

John and Kathleen Harrison

Carl Hassel

Joan Healy

Linda and Terry Heaton, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Mark Heppner

Joe and Austia Hickey

Michele Hieber

Bonnie Hilberer, In memory of William C. Norman Jr.

Cindy and Chuck Hilger

Dave and Lori Hollinger

Robert and Joy Holloway, Marriage of Carol and Mac Richardson

John and Ruth Holmstrom

John and Margaret Honkala

Edgar Hopkins

Mike Howard

Steve Hucal

Nancy Izzard

Lorraine Jeleniewski

Karen and Bryan Jinnett, In memory of David Opple and Pamela Jinnett

J.A. Johnson

Donna Katka

Sharon Kaufman, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

George J. Kausler, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Donna Kennedy

Kings Mill Men's Group

Kings Mill Women's Club

Norma Klosowski, In memory of Thomas Klosowski

Judy Koch

Jean Kurczynski, In memory of Leon and Gary Kurczynski

Arlene Kurzawa, In memory of Mitchell Kurzawa

Celia Lark, In memory of Richard Lark

Art and Pam Lennig, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Life Care Ministries

Donette Lind

Mary Lindquist

Jola Lott

Mike and Denise Luckow, In memory of Mark M. Luckow

Barbara Luka

Mrs. Alan Lumsden, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Norma MacKinley

John Malejan, In memory of Louise M. Malejan

Connie Mason, In memory of Donald P. Mason

Masonpro, Inc.

Donna Maxwell

Mary Ann McAllister

Sheldon and Louise McElroy, In memory of Rudolph Modson & Eileen McElroy

Barry and Diana McKenna

Marie McKenna

Mary McLeod, In memory of Norman McLeod

Cassandra Meagher

Dr. Robert and Phyllis Meyers, In memory of Norma V. Meyers and Richard J. Clark

Mary Minsel, In memory of Paul E. "Skip" Minsel

Lillian Mobley

Dave and Linda Murphy, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Loretta Nagle

Gregg and Susan Natkowski

Tom and Lisa Nicholas, Marriage of Carol and Mac Richardson

Arthur Nicholas

Joe Nowaske, In memory of Darlene Nowaske

Mike Pacitto

Greg and Tricia Patton, Marriage of Carol and Mac Richardson

Scott and Shannon Peterson, In memory of Frank Hurley

Dee and Keith Phillips

Suzanne Pietsch, In memory of Richard Pietsch

James and Isabel Plastow, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Diane Plungis, In memory of Robert Plungis

Patricia and Dean Pollard, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Judy Poppenger, In memory of Dennis Poppenger

Janet and Family Price, In memory of Lucille Burdette

Marcia Raches, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Patricia Radzik

Carol Richardson

Marge Riker, In memory of Don Riker

Thomas Risto, In memory of Eleanor Risto

Tim and Nancy Roddy

Rotary Club of Northville

Keith Rys

Jane and Bob Sand, Marriage of Carol and Mac Richardson

Guy, Karin S.and Katelyn Scoma, In memory of Karin M. Scoma

Ross and Pat Scott

A. Robert and Joan Sellen, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Susan and Richard Shaffner

Pat Shannon

Robert and Scott Sislar

Delmar and Noel Sisler, In memory of Mary Ann Bros

Pauline Smart

Roger Southworth

St. Elizabeth Church, Reese, MI

St. Raphael Catholic Church

Brad Stedry

Marilyn Stoner

Nancy Stoner, In memory of Robert, James, and Daniel Stoner

Pat Stringer, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Barbara Sturm

Betty Taraszikiewicz

Madonna Tooley

David and Gerda Treglown, Wedding of Carol and Mac Richardson

Jo Anne Turshnuik

Elinor Van Doornik

Carol Van Soest, In memory of Jan Mueller

Sheila Vander, In memory of Bill McKenna

Bill and Barb Vandermass, Marriage of Carol and Mac Richardson

Donna Vanderstuyf

Connie Vedrode, In memory of Randall Vedrode

Josephine Watne

Gregory Weddle

Darlene Weyland

Jeane Wheeler

Dan White, In memory of Linda White

Cindy Wickman-Failing

Therese Wowk

Anita Wrobel

Patricia Yates

Jon Yuhasz

Shirley Ziemba